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Since greyhound racing has been significantly reduced in the United States, The American European Greyhound Alliance, Inc.’s (AEGA) focus is on the international repercussions for greyhounds in other parts of the world where there is little monitoring of animal welfare. 
Changing times globally challenge AEGA direction
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Please visit our news pages for stories & commentaries from contributing members, media and rescue groups. Also view up-to-date photos, video and posts by our Global Partners to keep informed on key projects. 

The AEGA is dedicated to education to promote sustainable change globally.
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Marion Fitzgibbon, Co-Director of the AEGA standing in front of the construction of the new kennels in Ireland.  AEGA Photo John Mottern
The American-European Greyhound Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated solely to the welfare of Greyhounds in the United States and abroad. 

AEGA accomplishes its mission through: active and on-going; monitoring of existing and proposed racing venues; liaising with racing industry and adoption groups; providing an effective source of collection and dissemination of accurate information; and education to the public.

As a U.S. charity, AEGA  is an umbrella organization that makes it possible for Americans to make tax deductible donations in the U.S. and abroad. 
By Louise Coleman/ Co-Director AEGA
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Louise Coleman, Co-Director AEGA

The wierd, wackie and just plain wrong!

Atlantic City wants to bring back 
"high-diving horse" acts to its Steel Pier. These acts haven't been around since the 1970s -- and for good reason, as they involve horses and riders leaping or falling from a 40 foot tower into a swimming pool.

But in a strange nod to nostalgia (the popular TV series "Boardwalk Empire" takes place on Atlantic City's Steel Pier in the 1920s, when high-diving horses first became popular), Atlantic City wants to bring this antiquated act back into the present day. And the cruel show could be back as soon as Memorial Day weekend. 

Animal lover Jennifer Mishler doesn't think these diving horse acts are "retro" or "nostalgic" -- she thinks they're simply animal cruelty.

So Jennifer started a petition on to get Atlantic City to cancel its plans to bring back the high-diving horses. Click here to sign Jennifer's petition calling on local officials to keep animal cruelty out of plans to revive tourism in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City also tried to bring back high-diving horses in 1993 -- but a huge backlash caused those plans to be abandoned. Public outcry can do the same now, especially since construction on a horse-diving tower hasn't begun yet. With so many other attractions proposed (beer gardens, games and rides), public pressure will swiftly divert these funds into a tourist attraction that will be more fun, lucrative and animal cruelty-free.

Click here to sign Jennifer's petition calling on Atlantic City to abandon plans to bring out-dated and dangerous high-diving horse acts back to the pier in Atlantic City.

SOSGalgos needs funds
to support dogs like Verea, a galgos that will be giving birth very soon. Her health and the health of the pups is dependent on raising funds to support her and place the young ones with good homes.
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